Only thing they didn’t mention is its LA’s longest serving & only Authentic Poutine!

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Where to find L.A.’s best poutine, the ultimate Canadian food
Craving poutine, eh? Dive into this classic Canadian food at the best cheese curd-slinging restaurants across L.A.

By Jef Harmatz
Posted: Wednesday January 11 2017

In Los Angeles, when we think of food from across the border, we immediately think of tacos and sopes, moles and salsa verdes. There’s another border, though, and while we’re much further from our Northern neighbors, the influences and tastes of Canadian expats are starting to pop up in L.A. More specifically? Canada’s most famous culinary export, poutine, is gaining ground. A kissing-cousin to the U.S.A.’s own disco fries, poutine typically consists of thick-cut french fries covered in chicken gravy and mild, squeaky white cheese curds. So where can you find the decadent dish? Check out these French restaurants, dive bars and even an Indian restaurant serving Canadian-style poutine in Los Angeles.

L.A.’s best poutine – Redondo Beach Cafe

The outward appearance and majority of the menu suggest that Redondo Beach Cafe is a classic, Greek-influenced American diner. What sets Redondo Beach Cafe apart, though, is its dedication to French-Canadian style cuisine and culture. The walls are a paen to hockey, and scattered throughout the expansive menu are sections focused on “Poutine” and “Smoked Meat.” Amongst traditional plates of omelets and hamburgers, the poutine is served in funky, modern semi-circle bowls to best contain the large fries and heavy helpings of boldly-flavored gravy and chilled cheese curds. Smoked meat, a Montreal-style salty, briny midway point between corned beef and
pastrami, comes on a number of sandwiches or incorporated into classic diner fare, like smoked meat Benedict. But it is perhaps best utilized as a topping for Redondo Beach Cafe’s poutine, and its addition is substantial enough to transform a snack into a full meal. Hungry eaters can add chicken breast, chili and even an over-easy egg to their poutine as well.

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